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Cristiano Fasanari - 22/04/2022

Tax News 3/2022 del 22.04.2022

New services offered to Clients to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan

This Taxnews informs you of the new services offered to Clients. As you know, the funds of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) and the Next Generation EU are a historic opportunity for the social and economic growth of our Country as well as for the development and modernization of Italian business activities, which are therefore invited to actively participate in investments in digitization, innovation and ecological transition, in order to seize this unique opportunity for development.

1. Introduction
Since this is a highly specilized sector that requires specific expertise, in order to meet the needs of its Clients, FiderConsult has started a collaboration with AYMING, a multinational company with a wide experience in subsidized finance, enhancement of real estate assets and facilitation for access to grants and contributions. The objective is to bring to the attention of Clients the concrete opportunities to the benefit of companies, thanks to the new funds available in the NRRP, and assist them in the best way to take advantage of all facilities and allow the growth of companies.


It is recalled that the NRRP missions are the following: a) digitization, innovation, competitiveness and culture, b) green revolution and ecological transition, c) infrastructure for sustainable mobility, d) education and research, e) inclusion and cohesion, f) health.

Some of the current facilitation measures are outlined below.

2. Female Enterprise Fund
As of next May, the Female Enterprise Fund will start up again, providing incentives for women to start up and strengthen new business activities in order to carry out innovative projects in the fields of industry, crafts, processing of agricultural products, services in any sectors, trade and tourism.
The application forms to request non-repayable contributions and subsidized loans can be filed from next May 5, according to the schedule of the opening dates of the counters.
The Fund has 160 million euros of NRRP resources which supplemented 40 million euros already allocated in the Budget Law 2021.

3. Innovative projects related to 4.0 technologies, circular economy and energy saving 
This is a new aids scheme to support (with a budget of 678 million euros) the investments of the Italian small and medium-sized businesses in the implementation of innovative projects related to the 4.0 technologies, circular economy and energy saving.


4. Revolving Fund for Turism business activities
This is a tool for businesses in hotel, tourism, leisure, fair and conference sectors. The Fund provides non-repayable contributions for interventions such as energy requalification, restructuring, digitization expenses, etc. with amounts between 500 thousand and 10 million euros. 


5. Start-up Call "ON - Over New zero-rate Enterprises"
This is a call for proposals open from March 24, 2022 aimed at encouraging entrepreneurial activities, in particular micro or small enterprises, proposed by young people under 36 years of age. This measure will remain open until the budget of 150 million euros is exhausted.


6. Smart & Start measure
This is a “continuous” call for proposals managed by INVITALIA which finances business plans with amounts between 100 thousand and 1.5 million euros, characterized by a highly technological and innovative content, aimed at developing products, services or solutions in the field of digital economy, artificial intelligence, blockchain and internet of things and/or directed to the economic exploitation of the results of private and public research system. 


7. ANPAL new skills fund
It is a useful tool for companies for financing internal training projects through non-repayable contributions; the entire  hourly cost is reimbursed – net of severance pay, 13th/14th-month pay and outside trainer cost – of the employees involved, up to a maximum of 250 hours per employee, to be disbursed within 90 days from the date of the communication of the positive outcome of the preliminary investigation by ANPAL. The training plan can be decided freely by the company, according to their needs, and includes also the so-called “training on the job”.


Interested Clients are invited to contact us to discuss the matter at 360 degrees, with reference to current and future investment plans and to the related financial needs, in order to maximize the benefits that may arise from the NRRP and from the Next Generation EU, as well as by ordinary tenders and contributions.